Microdermabrasion & Peels

HB Laser Skin Clinics offers advanced skin treatments.

Microdermabrasion gently removes the surface skin layer and helps stimulate the production of new, healthy skin. It helps tighten the skin, improves blotchy spots, acne marks or dullness. It is a non-surgical treatment to improve the appearance and health of your skin.


Microdermabrasion has probably become the most popular technique for skin rejuvenation due to it's simplicity and effectiveness. Used to treat:

  • Fine lines

  • uneven pigmentation

  • age spots

  • acne scarring/blackheads/open pores

  • sun damage

  • rough texture

Peels are made from a variety of active cosmedical skincare ingredients such as botanical vitamin A, natural fruit acids and enzymes.

Superficial peeling agents cause an increased slough of the outer layers of skin resulting in skin renewal with the reduction or disappearance of sun damage, pigmentation, acne lesions, fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Dermal Therapist will advise you on the best treatment for your skin.