HB Laser Skin Clinics offer an increasingly popular cure for treating acne problems. Laser treatments have shown rapid and effective results in treating acne.

Compared with topical applications and antibiotic pills acne laser treatments have been proven to produce far better results without the side effects of antibiotics.

Laser treatment targets the sabaceous glands and eliminates the overproduction of oil (sebum). Bacteria causing acne use sebum to multiply and grow. In addition to killing the bacteria, the laser induces a wound-healing response in the skin, dilating tiny blood vessels in the skin which increases the supply of oxygen to the treated area and stimulates the skin to heal itself. Acne laser treatment is also very effective in treatment of scarring, open pores and stretchmarks as the response stimulates the skin to strengthen and heals itself effectively.

A course of treatments may be required depending on the skin condition.
 A complimentary skin consultation is advised.