Removal of moles, skin tags and skin growths without bleeding or stitches and little or no scarring.

Dr Danielle Waxman uses the Ellman Surgitron to remove cosmetic lumps and bumps on the face and body with virtually no risk of scarring
Dr Waxman will examine the lesion using a dermatoscope to ensure the lesion is suitable for removal using Surgitron . 
The lesion can then be removed either on the same day or at a later date . 

A small amount of local anaesthetic is administered under the lesion beforehand and radio frequency waves effectively remove the lesion with no cutting involved whilst sterilising at the same time , producing superior cosmetic results. 

Immediately after excision there is simply a raw non bleeding surface no bigger than the original size of the lesion which forms a scab and 7 to 10 days later leaves a fresh, healthy new layer of skin which over time usually blends in to the normal skin colour. 

Areas suitable for treatment ... 
Moles, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratoses, warts, verrucas, sun spots, Solar Keratoses (pre-cancerous skin lesions).