Hawke's Bay Laser Skin Clinics offer the latest technology. SPL for not only dark hair but red, white, blonde and grey hair. SPL is a fast, safe and a cost-effective long term solution to solve your hair removal worries. Why wax or shave when you could get rid of the hair for good?  

The Anthelia SPL is the most advanced machine on the market, manufactured and developed by doctors and scientists. It’s European designed and manufactured unlike most other machines which are made in China or Korea. There are three main benefits of Anthelia's advanced technology. It is safer, less painful and more successful than any other machine on the market.

Another great progression is hair removal for dark complexions. This was not possible before but the Anthelia has advanced well beyond all other technology and has a far greater safety factor.




How does the Anthelia remove blonde, red, grey and white hair?

The wave lengths used in standard pulse light treatments targets the melanin in the hair. Since grey, red, white and blonde hair has no melanin, the treatment  doesn’t work. However, the Anthelia has a separate head for this type of hair that targets the hemoglobin or blood source of the hair instead of the melanin. Since waxing causes a microscopic injury to the skin or blood in the follicle, we wax the area to be treated beforehand for a more successful treatment.

What do I need to do before a treatment?

Firstly visit one of our stores for a consultation on your needs. If you have been shaving allow the hair to grow a couple of days so we can see what we will be treating. If you have been waxing, you will need to wait 4-6 weeks until the hair has regrown. Do not sunbake, sunbed, spray tan or fake tan for 2 weeks prior to your treatment as tanning of any sort can lead to superficial burning. Avoid perfumes or any alcohol based treatments on the area to be treated and inform your therapist if you are on any form of acne medication or topical vitamin A. Shave the day before your treatment. If it’s your first time it’s best to leave a small area so we can see the hair growth and colour. For those with blonde/grey/red hair, we need to wax you first. So come in only when your hair is long enough for us to wax.

What do I do after a treatment?

No sun tanning or sun beds for 2 weeks after your treatment. Sun tanning can result in Irregular pigmentation occurring in the treated areas. Apply topical After Gel on the areas to reduce any irritation. We highly recommend a product we sell in store to stop infection. Always apply good quality SPF 30+ daily to avoid irregular pigmentation issues.  

We offer a free CONSULTATION for all of our treatements. 


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