Our mission is to provide professional results-based skin treatments & industry leading advanced, medical grade technology.

Our philosophy is simple ‘to make you feel good and look good’.

We offer only proven, safe and effective non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate you.



At HB Laser Skin Clinics, we set out to design a rejuvenating, medically focused non-surgical service that offers real solutions to real skin care issues with real results. That's why we offer only the most up-to-date technology and proven, effective products.

We specialise in permanent hair removal, microdermabrasion, skin rejuvenation, peels, red vein and pigmentation treatment, laser tattoo removal, acne laser treatment, scarring /stretch mark laser treatment and advanced skin analysis.

The goal of HB Laser Skin Clinics is to bring our clients the most innovative and effective medically proven treatments at an affordable price. Services are provided in a friendly, professional, informative environment. 

Our experienced team have been in the industry for 20 years and are fully trained in the latest technologies and techniques to address your concerns.

Conveniently located in throughout Hawke's Bay our goal is to bring our professional service closer to you. With the demands of juggling family, work and everyday living we make time for you, so you can take time out for yourself!

Our online appointment schedule means you can easily book yourself in online making time and convenience our priority.

Professional Skincare

HB Laser Skin Clinics prides itself on delivering only the best. We offer results driven skincare at affordable prices.

The Bridget Black philosophy is simple. We want to deliver exceptional skin care that's accessible to all.

1. We deliver tailored skin care to match your skin.

2. We deliver well formulated products containing active ingredients that are backed by solid science and credible research.

3. We deliver affordable skin care products for everyone to enjoy.

4. We make clean products that are kind to animals and the environment.

5. We prefer inner peace to outer beauty, modesty to celebrity and gratitude to gratuity.

Clear Skincare

Dr Philippa McCaffery, founder and medical director of Clearskincare, formulated the Clearskincare Range in 2002, designed the Clearskincare Easy Squeeze in 2003 and the Clearskincare Roller Range in 2004.

Her desire, in creating the Clearskincare product range, was to provide effective affordable products to the public and professionals. Clearskincare products are continually evolving using ‘cutting edge’ ingredients and technologies that give results and are affordable for all.

So why does it work? The epidermis is the outer skin layer and functions as the skin's protective barrier. Whilst this barrier function is essential, it does prevent the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. The skin has not just one, but two barriers that act to prevent the absorption of active ingredients into the skin, the stratum corneum (compressed outer portion of the epidermis) and the epidermal dermal junction.

The dermis lies under the epidermis and these two layers are separated by the epidermal-dermal junction, a semi-permeable membrane, that allows the passage of some substances through into the dermis. Beneath the dermis lies the subcutaneous layer, which consists of fat and blood vessels. The dermis also contains hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat (eccrine) glands.

To successfully correct the commonest skin conditions, we need to concentrate on the epidermis and the dermis and understand their structure and function.